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woman sitting in chair facing window sad| Opening Up About Miscarriage

Opening Up About Miscarriage

In a recent article with The Guardian, singer Halsey opened up about her recent miscarriage, saying that it was the most inadequate that she has ever felt, and that it was demoralizing. Miscarriage is so incredibly common, but not talked about as much as it should be. In 2015, I learned just how common miscarriage […]

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Baby Shower Registry Advice

Preparing for a baby is a rite of passage that can be incredibly overwhelming. The market is saturated with about 10 different brands of the same product, all toting their own bells and whistles. My very best advice is either doing in-person research (big box stores like Buy Buy Baby) or online research (Blogs and […]

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Preparing for Baby

A baby brings lots of joy, but the baby also brings lots of change. Emotional, physical and spatial changes are inevitable. Most changes happen in the moment as you will become the master at adapting and doing everything with one hand. That being said, there are a few things to do to prepare for this […]

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Low-Key Holiday Activity Ideas for the Pregnant and Tired

Are you heavily pregnant this holiday season? This post is for you! Are you not experiencing that second-trimester energy boost that was promised? This post is also for you! Are you having the worst first-trimester symptoms? This post might just be for you. Are you just plain tired? This post is definitely for you.    […]

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I fear delivery more this time around

I Fear Delivery More This Time Around!

I fear delivery more this time around! On top of being pregnant, I have to care for my two-year-old, active toddler. She is very energetic and rarely gives me time to rest. As Laura Legge explains in her post, “Pregnant With Baby #2-More Difficult Than I Expected,” being pregnant while caring for a toddler can […]

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