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Guide To Indoor Play Destinations In The Corona/Riverside Area

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The first thing I did when I relocated back to California was a hunt for local indoor play places.

In Denver, they were few and far between, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that Corona/Riverside has an abundance of these little slices of heaven. If you’re looking for a change of atmosphere or a place to run off your little energizer bunnies, this article is for you. A place where your children can go wild without you “shushing” them or chasing after them, yes, please!

Better yet, sometimes mama just needs a break! I was a frequent flier at some local joints when I was pregnant with my third child. It’s like taking your puppy to the doggie park- let your pups run around and play while you get that much-deserved mommy break.

These places weren’t just created for kids, they appeal to the masses. Here’s a list of my favorite indoor play areas in Corona. 

Hippity Hop 

1540 Hamner Avenue #103, Norco, CA


1st child is $10, each additional child is awarded a fair discount. They frequently run a bundle deal on Groupon– so don’t forget to check that out before you visit.

Food & Drink

Feel free to bring your own lunch and snacks (they even have a microwave to heat up that Mac n’ Cheese.)

The Fun

Hippity Hop is perfect for crawlers and toddlers. They have a dramatic play area, pushcarts and toys for toddlers, and an area for the older ones to bounce around and climb. I love its cozy atmosphere where I can keep a close watch on all my pups as they buzz around this 3,300 square foot of heaven. If you have kiddos under the age of 4, this place was made for you.  Yes mama, you go ahead and kick up those tired feet while your littles toddle around. 

La La Barn

1721 Third Street, Norco, CA


Typically La La Barn charges 13.99 per child (4 dollars off each additional child). Right now, however, they are offering some mega coupon savings on their website. Check it out, ladies! La La Barn Coupons.

Food and Drink

This is another place that allows you to bring your own food and drinks. I love that I can save a little money (since I spent it all on three admissions!) and pack our snacks and lunches.

The Fun

This place is fantastic for toddlers and older kids, particularly your little climbing monkeys. It houses a 1,200 square foot, two-level playset with slides and tunnels where your children can barrel around in.


4300 Green River Road, Corona, CA 


2 hours of play time will cost you $10 per child or $17 for unlimited play. They also have a super saver pass and monthly membership packages. For more information, click here.

Food and Drink

Outside food and drink is prohibited. They have a wonderful cafe and coffee bar. 

The Fun

I absolutely LOVE Romporama. My kids could go here again and again. If I lived closer to it, I would most likely be purchasing a monthly membership. This 10,000 square foot arena has every activity any child could hope for- a trampoline foam pit, a three-story playground structure with slides, a climbing wall, a mini town for dramatic play… just to name a few. 


2785 Cabot Drive, Suite 145, Corona, CA


2 hours of play will cost you $12.99 per child, each add’l receives a $2 discount. Or you can have unlimited play time for $17.99. Click here for detailed admission prices. 

Food and Drink

They have a snack bar or you can bring your own food and drinks. 

The Fun

My boys and I recently checked this place out and absolutely loved it! Iplayology is tucked away in the beautiful shopping center of Dos Lagos. My suggestion… send your husband and kids to Iplayology while you shop your little heart out.

Luv 2 Play

4790 La Sierra Avenue, Riverside, CA


The prices vary from about $11.95-$15.95, depending on the day and ages of your children. The great thing is that you can stay for as long as you wish; trust me, you’re kids will beg to stay and play!

Food & Drink

Sorry mamas, no outside food or drinks allowed. They do, however, have a fully loaded coffee bar and delicious food options at their cafe. I highly recommend their blended chai tea. 

The Fun

This place is the Mecca of all indoor play facilities. It has every possible activity your children could dream of. Lego building, giant foam pit, climbing wall, tubes and slides, foam ball fun zone, arcades… and so much more. Plan on making this an all-day event- there is a ton to do that your kids won’t want to leave. 

I’d love to hear some of your favorite local indoor play places in the area. I’m sure I’m missing a few, but these are some of my top picks. With winter approaching you’ll be looking for a place to run off your kids’ energy before they run you ragged! 

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