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Surprise…Your Kids Are At Home: Tips From A Homeschooling Mom

I never thought we would be in a position where schools are shut down right in the middle of the school year or that kids would be forced to be home all across the nation (and I’m not talking about summer vacation or breaks). I’m a homeschooling mom, so for us – and many other families – we have chosen to school our children at home. It was a conscious decision for multiple reasons.

For myself, I have homeschooled for the past eights years and have no regrets. However, I can see how being thrust into this decision would be very daunting for any parent, who never dreamed of being placed in such a predicament. Choosing to home school looks very different than having your kids forced to stay home, but I will throw some ideas in hopes to give many some clarity on how to approach the situation they now find themselves in.

Some schools have the kids do online classes while most are just at home doing nothing. First of all, they are your kids. Education at home does not have to be all textbooks and pencils. We use every opportunity to teach our kids. Most of our education is NOT using textbooks.  Once you start the ball rolling, you will find that you see educational opportunities in everyday life. Daily tasks can teach kids more than you think. Here are some ideas that may help your regular school child, get some education at home.

I have been asked many times in the last couple days how to keep my child on track?

Well, the only way you can do that is to keep up with what they are doing at school. Many districts are offering online education. Each family can ask their district for more information.  For extra resources for kids, one resource for elementary age kids are printables from

They have every subject through 5th grade. They have workbooks, games and printables… you name it, they have it! And they are great. For homeschooling, like I said before, we use daily life to teach. Through baking cookies, they learn reading through reading recipes, fractions, abbreviations and how to actually bake. Cooking will teach them safety in a kitchen, reading and measurements. They can practice writing out a recipe or copying it down for writing practice.

For math, we count out money as we grocery shop, and I give them a budget. So as we go along, they add up what we put in our cart to learn to stay on budget. We watch many nature and scientific shows. We do read alouds for important people in history. Some little kid books, such as “How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World” by Marjorie Priceman is a great book to read, do copy work out of and learn about geography and resources that come from different countries. Most books can be used as a hub for many subjects.

The ideas on how to get some education into your child at home are endless. Go hiking and talk about nature, have them draw what they see, and PE can be checked off as well. Scavenger hunts in the house with maps to hunt for papers with letters or words was always a big hit.

With older kids… make them work! Wash cars, change the oil, mow the lawn. On top of getting some solid work in, there are resources such as Kohn Academy. They have everything for kids. Great resource to keep them going. There are so many online programs, that your mind will go nuts. They can be just a monthly subscription. Teaching textbooks, splash math, CTC math… the list goes on. But the one take away for having your kids at home is realize that you truly can be the best teacher they have. Learning from you is the greatest resource they’ll ever have on how to be a great adult. Enjoy the time, too. If this isn’t a choice you actually made for your children, then take one day at a time and try to enjoy it as much as possible. Reach out to their teacher if you can or simply use Facebook mom groups for additional help (the chances of mom teachers being in the group are very high).

I’d be happy to help with any questions. You can follow me @jiujitsu_rn_to_np and message me directly.

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