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5 Free Meditation Apps To Be A Zen Mom

I’m going to be honest here – I hate yoga, breathing exercises and anything dealing with meditation. I know, I know… these are some of the best ways to relax, unwind, keep sane and all that good stuff. But I don’t know… I’m more of a strength training to work out my frustrations person, I guess. All these things are too slow for me and I like fast-paced activities that really allow me to move and break a sweat.

Given the recent COVID-19 pandemic the entire world is facing and  being home 24/7 with my kids and hubby has made me on edge (more than usual), and I’m trying to find things to help unwind to keep my cool and sanity. Meditation is one of those things I’m going to revisit and have found a few of these apps pretty useful in my mission to chill TF out. Since I’m not used to such exercises or practices, these apps help guide me to be more zen, so that I don’t become mommy dearest when this is all over. And the best part is that they’re free (with in-app purchases, of course).

1. OMG I Can Meditate

Upon first opening the OMG I Can Meditate App, you’ll be prompted to watch an intro video before picking from various exercises to partake depending on your goals. There are daily focuses or a 7-Day challenge to help make medication a habit. But the free app also has other options like short stress reliever sessions and a nighttime session that helps you fall asleep better.

2. Simple Habitsimple habit

As a newbie to breathing exercises and meditation, I needed as much guidance as possible and Simple Habit made it easy to do. You can set a reminder to notify you when you want to meditate each day and then there are various programs to try. With various 5-minute meditate sessions, I pop them open right before I get going with my day to help center my mind before things get crazy. There are also various teachers for guidance so that you can find one you love, which makes sticking to the program so much easier.  

3. Stop, Breathe & Think

stop breathe and think

This app makes you do just that – stop, breathe and think, allowing you to find peace in anxious times. When you open the app, your screen will go dim for 10 seconds as a reminder to taking time out for some meditation self-care. The app will then prompt you to describe how you’re feeling mentality to generate which meditation option you should do. It’s literally 5-minutes to peace!

4. Calm

Calm App

The Calm app will help you go from momster to mom in no time thanks to various functions, such as soothing sounds, breath practice, guided mediations and more. You can set up reminders so that you don’t miss out on your meditation time or you can open it up whenever you feel like #momlife is getting too real.

5. Inscape


There are various ways to mediate and Inscape allows you to choose from one of three techniques, such as focus, mantra or mindfulness. Once you choose one, you will learn the why and how behind that specific technique. If you’re not feeling one, it’s easy to switch and try out another.

What other recommendations would you have to learn how to start meditating? 

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